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Original Medicare - Part A and Part B 

Original Medicare is a federal plan managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and provides Medicare-eligible individuals with coverage for doctors, hospitals, or other health care providers who accept Medicare.


Original Medicare

It covers some of the costs of hospital stays (Part A) and doctor visits (Part B) but doesn't cover everything. It DOES NOT include prescription drug coverage (Part D), however, provided in a limited situation like when hospitalized as an inpatient. Original Medicare is considered a fee-for-service plan, which means that with Original Medicare, you usually pay a fee (coinsurance) for each service. Medicare pays its share up to certain limits, and you pay the rest.


It is financed by a portion of the payroll taxes paid by you and your employers during your employment years. It also is financed by monthly part b premiums paid by you, that are often deducted directly from Social Security checks.

Not Covered under Original Medicare

There are many healthcare needs that ARE NOT covered under Original Medicare. Basic services such as prescription drugs, hearing aids, dental care, dentures, routine vision exams, cosmetic surgery and even more important services like care outside of the United States (except in limited cases like emergencies), home health care and much more.


Many of these services not covered through Original Medicare Part A and Part B may be covered by a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).



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